September 22, 2016

The "Current Folder" content is all linked to audio - I couldn't find a few, so for extra credit have a look and send me what you find!

We're going to hold off on linking the main library (other than what's already been done) as Chris and I are trying to come up with a better library method (that process is hidden the back room and you'll never see it). If it works, however, it will greatly simplify the process of moving titles in and out of the "Current" section.

A few of you have had trouble logging in - don't hesitate to send me a note, as it seems that some of the new accounts simply don't work. The cure is that I delete the account and recreate it - only takes a moment and seems to fix things!  If you've logged in once successfully and changed your password, you can do a password reset by clicking on the "forgot password" under your login!

Be prepared for a few other changes to happen but I think for the most part we're stable now. Chris has worked to make the site accessible from mobile, too, and feedback on that would be appreciated.

Finally, a request that you make some noise in the forums - they're for us to use!

Cheers, Dallas

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