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Take a look at our Documents pages - there's all sorts of good stuff in there, including an article about our WebMaster, Chris Ludwig (Chris Ludwig and his recurring series called the Philosopher's Cafe!)

Dress code for all concerts is Black bottom, white top. That is, black trousers/skirt, socks, shoes, long or short-sleeved white shirt/blouse. Jacket and tie are optional, particularly when we're at a senior's facility as they tend to be very warm. At all times, a splash of red is part of the uniform, whether brooch, tie, hair band...and again, that's optional.

For Christmas concerts, we allow you to add some festive touches, such as a Santa hat, ornament, etc., in good taste of course!

It appears that a module has broken, and the user groups assignments have become completely messed up. We're working on it, but it's going to require the developers' assistance so it will likely be several days before it's sorted.

I wouldn't mind hearing from you as to whether having groups is at all helpful or interesting?

Cheers, Dallas

I've now opened the category of "Documents" and made a number of entries within it. You should (I hope) find the navigation fairly obvious. Please browse around and see what you can find -- and if you see something you think I should have in this collection send it over!

It's possible to scroll through the "VCB Agenda" to your right to see what's coming up. As a short form, however, I can tell you the following dates:

December 6 -- concert at Shannon Oaks

December 13 - PUBLIC concert at St. Augustine Anglican Church (in Marpole)

December 20 - PUBLIC concert at International Village Mall (Tinseltown)

March 7, 2018 - concert at Shannon Oaks

May 23, 2018 - concert at Elim Village

SATURDAY, June 2, 2018 - possible PUBLIC concert at Burnaby's Hat's Off Days

MONDAY June 18, 2018 - PUBLIC concert to open the Kitsilano Showboat 2018 season

December 5 2018 - concert at Shannon Oaks


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